Importing All US Stocks & ADRs

I wanted to scan all US stocks and ADRs so I created a CSV file with all those symbols. When I try to import all 9,796 symbols, the program stalls while it's also downloading price data. Is there a better way to import these symbols or a better way to create a watchlist with the same symbols. See attached CSV file.

All-US-Stocks.csv (55.9 KB)

Hi David,

You didn’t mention which process you’re using to import the symbols into Optuma? Ideally the best way to do this would be to link a Symbol List to the CSV file you have created:

Refer to the section titled Importing from a CSV for the specific steps and notes.

Once the symbol list has been setup you can link the Watchlist to the symbol list. Any time the CSV list is updated the Watchlist and Symbol list will update automatically as well.