Including the Optuma logo on screenshots

Typically I will have multiple windows open in a tab. When I “Send to” an image file, I am only able to send one window.

If I manually screenshot the tab, the Optuma logo is not seen - which I believe is against TOS.

However, I have seen other users use a screenshot where all the windows are shown and the Optuma logo is on the bottom left

Is there either a way to “send to” an image file and include all the windows, or add the Optuma logo to the bottom left, as shown in the example below?

Thanks John. If you use the ALT+P keyboard shortcut it takes a copy of the chart to clipboard, which can then be pasted (CTRL+V) which will include our logo. Note you can also add a custom toolbar action button to Copy Page to Clipboard:


Thanks Darren!

That is exactly what I was looking for.

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