Issue with Total Return Data?

I am trying to view the total return of some bond ETF’s but I can’t seem to get the numbers to match. I would suspect I am missing a setting or perhaps the data is incorrect. Can someone verify what the settings should be… Thanks.

Hi Duke,

It looks like you don’t have complete TLTW data as it began trading in August. If you click Download History under Actions does the price return chart then show as expected (this will also get all the dividend adjustments)?

Note that if you add them to a watchlist and set the Price Adjustment property to Total Returns the columns eg ROC(Year(PERIODAMOUNT=1), BARS=1) / 100 for YTD it will calculate using TR data.



That was indeed the issue. I am using the Optuma database and it was showing 4/17/23 but my data was not complete. Is there a setting I am missing to be sure that the data is in fact downloaded? I just re-downloaded the index file and downloaded the history of each of the exchanges but not sure what else to do to keep current.

Hi Duke,

The settings in your screenshot are for US mutual funds, but they should be the same for US Equities to get the data automatically updated and back-adjusted for dividends (these are included in the ‘Mods’ you see when the latest data is being downloaded). I’ll check with our data administrator why the mods for those ETFs were missed.