IsUp - What, How, How Many, etc.?

Hi Folks,

Where can I find the details around how the IsUp (and IsDown) operators function? How do they work, what are the rules, how does it calculate the “slope” and what are the ranges that define True, False, etc.?

Grateful for any pointers to the details.

Warm Regards,

Hi Raaj,

It simply looks at the preceding value and if it’s higher then IsUp will return a true value. Likewise, MA(Bars=34) IsDown will be true if today’s 34 period MA is lower than yesterday’s. There’s no range so if the difference is -0.00001 then IsDown would be true. However, you can use the ROUND() function set to 2 decimals to prevent this type or scenario:

ROUND(MA(BARS=34, CALC=Close, STYLE=Exponential), DECIMALTYPE=0.00) IsUp

If you want to use a range then you would use a different calculation, eg for the EMA34 being 0.1% higher than the previous period for your definition of slope to be up:

V1 = MA(BARS=34, CALC=Close, STYLE=Exponential);

Terrific! Thank you, Darren! As always, your help is much appreciated.

Warm Regards,