Journaling Option - TRIM recommendation

Current journaling recommendation options include “BUY”, “SELL”, “HOLD”, and “EXIT”. I wonder if it would be possible to add an additional recommendation called “TRIM”. Alternatively, you might consider providing the user with the option of creating/editing their own recommendations.

There are times when a recommendation of “trimming” some profits off the table is called for, and TRIM would allow such recommendation.


Hi Fabien,

I do have plans to expand on this to make it more like the institutional ratings systems we have worked with in New York and Boston.

Currently, it is all stored on your PC which makes all the notes susceptible to a PC crash. We want to be able to encrypt them and store them in the cloud and also generate model portfolios from the ratings. (This is more for the analysts who advise PMs so they can say “see, if you only listened to me!” - or say nothing at all :O)

I’ll add this Trim idea to the notes. I have no ETA on this at the moment.

All the best


Thanks for the laugh Mathew. I’m one of those analysts advising PMs - and in this case, I did a good job of generating good trade ideas resulting in great returns (with my famous FAB indicator) but now they need to take profits and stop being greedy…hence the TRIM recommendation. I look forward to the future improvements. Thanks Mathew.

Hi Mathew,

I use the Journal, but not for the “BUY”, “SELL”, “HOLD”, and “EXIT” options provided, but for making notes, ie journalling, about my view of the market at the current time and my reasons for placing orders or not, along with other related commentary, so an option called “JOURNAL” for all those extraneous notes would be more appropriate than the current options.



+1 for an option that says JOURNAL or simply an option for nothing as far as the rating is concerned.

What about “Note” “Journal” is a little long and would require shifting the notes section.

Scrap that - we’ll add an option where you can have custom names. I’ve added a job into our system for it.


Thanks Mathew, that’s great☺