Keltner Channel using ATR

Is it possible to use ATR as the Calc Style for Keltner Channels, the Raschke version - Any of these options Modified, Geometric, Center, Wilder or McGinley?

If not can it be done using the Bands tool?


Hi Tim,

It’s probably easier to use this in a Show Plot (based on a 20 period EMA):

//Calc Mid line;
Plot1=MA(BARS=20, STYLE=Exponential, CALC=Close);
//Upper Line;
Plot2=Plot1 + ATR(BARS=10, MULT=2.00);
//Lower Line;
Plot3=Plot1 - ATR(BARS=10, MULT=2.00);

Save as an indicator to the Same View and it will be added to your toolbox:


Thanks Darren.