Left and Right Scaling


I have a new feature request concerning the log scaling for an overlay chart with two time series with a left and right scale.

E.g. I have the S&P 500 and the 3-Month Treasury Bill Rate in one chart. The S&P 500 uses the right scale and the 3-Month Treasury Bill Rate uses the left scale. So far so fine, no problem.

But when I scale the S&P 500 with a log scale, what is of course necessary when a long time period of 20 to 40 years is covered, the left scale of the 3-Month Treasury Bill Rate is also scaled with a log scale.

And here we have the problem, scaling the 3-Month Treasury Bill Rate with a log scale is in no way useful since the 3-Month Treasury Bill Rate was a long time near zero percent and scaling from 0 to 17 percent using a log scale makes no sense.

On the other hand scaling a 40-year S&P 500 chart arithmetically makes also no sense.

My new feature request is therefore having the possibility to scale the left and right scales independently in regard to the log scaling. That means it should be possible to scale the right scale with a log scale and the left scale arithmetically.

I hope I have made my idea clear. If not please let me know.



Hi Thomas,

Thanks for that. I can see the issue and I will add it to the list to get looked at. Unfortunately there is no ETA on this as it is not a trivial task to move logarithmic control from the whole chart to individual layers. It is allocated to Optuma 1.5 and so long as other high priority jobs don’t come along, it should get done.

All the best


Hi - this feature might also help when volume is overlayed on a price chart that is set to log scale (versus having volume in a separate view).


Thank you for updating this in version 1.5; works great!!