Link Watchlist and Chart Periods

Hi Guys,

I have a Workbook with a Worksheet that contains a WatchList and a Chart. Now, I can Link them so that when I select a code on the Watchlist it is displayed on the Chart.

However, if I change the Chart Period or the Watchlist Period in either the Chart or the Watchlist, say from “2 Day” to “Month”, the corresponding Watchlist/Chart period does not change, it remains on its original setting, continuing the example: “1 Day”.

20200315 Link Watchlist and Chart Periods

Is there a way to link the Watchlist and Chart Periods?

If not, then maybe you can add it to your To-Do-List so that the Watchlist and Chart match each other.



Hi Trevor,

There is no way to link the two time frames. I have to be honest and say that I can not see it getting done as it is not trivial and we have a lot of other projects which will have more impact.

All the best


Hi Mathew,

I suspected as much. One can only hope☺