Live data and scans

I have a question re intrday (iqfeed) data and scans.

I have a workbook of the top 28 forex pairs (8 hour bars). If I open this workbook for the first time in a day or two, and run a scan to find all pairs that meet certain entry criteria (with a date range of last week or yesterday), I seldom get any matches.

If however I go through and open each of the 28 charts in the workbook one by one, and let the most recent bars download, and then run the same scan, I get several matches.

I assume this must be due to the fact that intraday data isn't downloaded until that specific pair's chart is opened.

Now – the point of the scan is to find matches so that I do not have to scroll through each pair manually. But in order to get an accurate scan, I have to open each pair's chart manually.

Is there any way around this issue? I realise that after downloading data for each pair that I can then run (accurate) scans on other intraday timeframes – so perhaps it's just a bit of housekeeping to perform on startup? Would be nice to have some way of doing this automatically or with a single click though.


Hi Steve,

Unfortunately that’s one of the issues with realtime / intraday data: the charts have to be opened to force the data down to your system before the scans can be executed. One solution might be to put the 28 pairs in a watchlist and save in a workbook. Then when the list is opened the data will download for all pairs, without having to open them individually.

Thanks Darren - your suggestion works well.