LIVE Data Streaming

Hey everyone.

Looking to hear what people are using for live data.

I currently use SAXO and will be upgrading to Level 2 data. Though this does not gel with Optuma.

I want access to news, course of sales, level 2 data and also day trading charts for Australian Shares.

What is everyone using?

I'd prefer to analyse in Optuma and execute through the broker. I just hate the Saxo Go platform, which is why I am looking for live data in Optuma.

Hi Jonathan,

I'm afraid importing Saxo data into Optuma is not possible at present. I've already asked Optuma that question and thus far there hasn't been sufficient demand for them to add that functionality. Maybe if enough of us Optuma users ask for it then Optuma may be able to put it on their to-Do-List with a bit higher priority, realising of course that Optuma's ability to import data requires an agreement, and more than likely MONEY, for the data provider.

Also as Saxo user, I'm also disappointed with their move the to web based "SaxoTraderGo" and "SaxoTraderPro", compared to their previous stand-alone application "SaxoTrader2", which incidentally had already been crippled by the removal of the Custom Tool functionality when they changed from "Chart" to "New Chart". I've complained directly to Saxo about the backwards moves they are making, in my view, and suggest you do likewise, if you haven't done so already. Enough squeaks might get the wheel greased and moving in the right direction. Unfortunately many software developers only listen to those screaming for new features, and because they haven't heard any comment on the many features long time users already love and use, they remove them. I don't mind features being added, but unless they are irrevocably broken, I definitely don't like it when features are removed.




Thanks for your reply!


Yes, I agree with you. I signed up for Interactive Brokers just to get market data to be imported into Optuma, but their platform is disgusting, that instantly I am considering to go back to Saxo!

It is really a lose-lose situation we have here.

A new platform out now is, if it wasn't for the hefty price tag, this would definitely be on the list.

Optuma. Can you please provide access to Live Data - including level 2 data, news, integrations like twitters, stocktwits, etc.

I think its time we make Optuma the best platform out there, but there is a HUGE lacking of integrations from the live-data sector. Might be time just to add live data and have your users pay the $10-$25 per month to access this data right through Optuma.

Although this is a very old thread, does anyone know if there has been any progress on this live data issue? I’m finding that with the current market volatility the end of day data just isn’t cutting it at the moment.

Hi guys, as a fellow Saxo customer, I have searched high and low to figure out a solution to this and even after talking with the guys at Optuma, here is what I found:

They suggest eSignal and IQfeed which are high quality data feeds for about $400USD/month for CME/COMEX/NYMEX futures. All the other data provider options are FX focussed. Too much for me to justify.

IB have a $10USD/mth datafeed for non-professionals, however the amount of historical data was difficult to determine. The trial gives you functioning live intraday FX data, and allows you to place orders in a simulation account. The Optuma API can see the standard order types, but it cannot do Bracket Orders even if it is enabled in TWS (I checked, the TWS API does have the functionality - Optuma have put it down as something to look at next year). Just note that even though I almost cannot believe it, the IB representative I spoke to was extremely sure they comingle client’s funds in the Australian operation (Halifax/MF Global/Sonray alarm bells anyone?), so I cannot place any funds with them and sleep at night after having been caught up in those previous debacles.

What I did find was that seem to provide a solution: both high quality, long duration historical data, integration with most big brokerages (incl Saxo!). They have a a free basic version to try it out, with varying packages between $15USD/mth up to $60USD/mth for the whole enchilada (which has a very very helpful function called Bar Magnifier for backtesting - it will go into the lower timeframes within a bar to give more accurate fills). The interface is very modern, you can trade directly from the chart (incl. bracket orders). Full scripting and backtesting ability too.

Another option is Sierrachart - they provide a Denali data feed ( and direct routing via Teton (hmmmm!). It looks interesting, affordable ($36USD/m) and quite powerful, however the interface is a bit dated (think old version of CQG). Tradingview seems to be light years ahead.

NOTE: I am in no way affiliated with any of these companies just what I found after a lot of searching and trying to figure out how to use my expensive piece of charting software with intraday data and coming to the conclusion it’s just too hard. Maintaining an IB account and having to run TWS just for data within Optuma and then also have Saxo Trader open as well to place a simple bracket order. A real shame as I love Optuma, but without a reasonable simple (even delayed would be ok!) data feed option it’s just too hard and I’ll have to relegate it to just being used for once a week big picture analysis. I just don’t understand why Optuma can’t partner with a data provider and offer a top-of-book feed for non-professionals on selected exchanges like everyone else seems to be able to do. I’ll try Tradingview out, and if it doesn’t work as expected I’ll report back.



For IQ Feed, you might qualify for a CME fee waiver if you have a combination of a particular brokerage account that fits their criteria along with a 3rd party charting software including Optuma.