MACD Cross above signal line when value < 0

What scan criteria would I use to pick up when there is a cross above the signal line that occurs when the value is somewhere below zero?
And what is the name of that value on the Y axis?

Hi John,

Do you mean when the Oscillator crosses above the Average when both lines are below zero? If so, the following script will work…

V1 = MACD() ;
V1.Oscillator CrossesAbove V1.Average
V1.Oscillator < 0

Below is an example of where this script would show as True (shaded green zone)…



Yes, that's it. What do I adjust to pick up a cross any time in the last X bars?

Hi John,

If you’re using the script in a scan, you would adjust the Date Range of the scan rather than the script itself.


Using Last Week for example is the same as setting the script to show if a Cross has occurred within the last 5 trading days.


Too easy. Thanks for your help Matthew.