MACD Scripting

Good Morning,
I wish to use MACD to detect when a CrossAbove occurs from a very low (oversold) area. Please see attached picture to explain.

Rather than trying script components of the MACD formula, I was wondering if Optuma already has MACD components built in?

Cheers, Lester


There are 4 preset MACD scripts within Optuma. To see them go to Settings - Script Manager and search for MACD. The results will be displayed, and you can click on each to see the underlying script being used:


If the criteria you are after is not listed here you would need to build a custom script.

Based on your example it looks like you’d need to build a custom code, as you’re looking for crossovers to occur under a specific value.

Hi Matthew,
Thanks for your reply. I have now sorted a script.

Cheers, Lester