Dear All,.

I am very new to the optuma software and I an trying my hands on the scripting which I have never done in the past.

I am trying to have a scan set for me when the latest bar MACD line crosses above latest MACD signal on a daily chart.

V1 = MACD() ; V1.Oscillator CrossesAbove V1.Average and V1.Oscillator < 0

This is a default script in Optuma.

Hi Vedant,

Click on the MACD() text in the script editor window to change the parameters to eg 12, 26, 9. Another way to script it is to say when the histogram (the difference between the oscillator lines) crosses above 0:

MACD(BAR1=12, BAR2=26, OSC=9, DEFAULT=Histogram) CrossesAbove 0


I am sending you a snapshot highlighting the criteria of what I am looking for in a scan if the above word document was not clear.

Thanks - that’s what the scan is looking for, but your scan settings are probably set to Last Bar, so the results will only show those that passed the criteria on Friday.

Change the Date Range option in the scanning setup to eg Last Month and Display to All Matches to see all the results over that time period: