Manual refresh of script cache

Hi guys,

Optuma script caching which I think was introduced a version or two or three ago makes Optuma’s performance really impressive.

I make use of a lot of imported scripts using the SCRIPT function in an effort to keep the scripts for my trading strategies modular (i.e. write once, use many times). Some of my scripts might import up to 10 or more other scripts which themselves import multiple scripts. So there are deep dependencies.

I don’t know if deep script dependency is good practice in the Optuma world, or even if it’s recommended, but it’s really helpful to be able to write scripts in this way for managing large script libraries and enabling the strong, proven software development technique of re-use.

However, I find that if I change a dependent script, I often have to close the workbook and re-open it for that change to propagate through all of its dependent scripts. In fact, I have learned to do this as the first debugging action if a script all-of-the-sudden stops working; closing and re-opening the workbook resolves the issue more than 50% of the time.

I’m guessing, but it seems likely that closing and re-opening the workbook refreshes the script cache.

So, as a feature request, I wonder if there could be a menu-driven control or keyboard shortcut that could be added to refresh the script cache? Sort of similar to the concept of using F9 or Shift+F9 in MS Excel to recalculate a worksheet.

Many thanks, Dean