Hi Team,

I follow your suggestion to scan the market (Japan) and save as a manual list ( ElectronicTechnology Sector).
When i create equal weighted index via market breadth module.
The equal index seems not like the price action.
You can see the script is 2day roc of each stock.
Sum of the script is positive, but the index is very negative.
Could you please to find out what problem about that?
Thank You.
Market Breadth Module

Hi Donald,

Because of the way geometric averages are calculated, the script has to be CLOSE(), not ROC. If you still have issues after changing to CLOSE() please send the symbol list .xml file from Documents/Optuma/Local/Symbol Lists to [email protected] with a link to this post and we’ll take a look.

Dear Darren,

The script is close() when i use geometric averages to calculated.
Please correct me if i am wrong:
If several stock (higher price stock, over 10000 Yen) have a very big change on price, if will affect the equal index more than low price stock(2000 Yen)?
Thank You.

Hi Donald. Thanks for sending the file - we’re looking in to it now. In regards to your question, higher priced stocks will not affect the index more than lower priced ones - that would be a price-weighted index (use the Sum breadth action to calculate that). An equal-weighted index means that all the stocks have the same effect on the index, regardless of price or market cap.