Market Cycles

Hey team,


I was wondering if you could please provide brief support on how to generate cycle charts in Optuma.

Cycle 1 - Decade Cycle

With the ability to manipulate which date which start the decade from, Year 0 Year 1 as an example


4 Year Cycle - Presidential - Gold - With Forecast for the future

4 Year Cycle - Dow Jones Election Cycle - With forecast for the future


Examples can be found:

Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for your post.

If you have the v1.3 beta version of Optuma 64bit you will be able to access a new feature in the seasonality charts called “Compare Years” which i think will work in a way similar to your examples.


For more information on this new feature in Seasonality please refer to the following article:


I do not have the beta version, unfortunately,


Is there a way to disable the years and just show the average as a forecast curve? At what point can we add planetary cycles into the curve and view how the cycles have impacted the year averages?

Hi Jonathan,

The seasonality chart does have an option to combine the years into an average line (though it is shaded)…


You can see the settings used to generate this chart on the left hand side of the chart.

There is also a component view available, with the main average line, and the individual component lines displayed together:


I’m not sure about the planetary cycles, there is an Astro option when you click the Season property drop down, this may do what you’re after…