Merge charts


I have two charts (same code, same time frame).
The first chart has a group of trendlines (based on some particular conditions).
The second chart has a different group of trendlines (based on different conditions).
Is it possible to merge them into a third chart showing both group of trendlines?

Thank you.


Hi Julius,

One way to have the groups of trend lines on the one chart is to simply export the Layer from one chart and import it to the other chart.

To Export a Layer, right click the Layer containing the Trend Lines in the Structure Panel to the right of the Chart, select the Running Man icon, then click “Export Layer” and save it to the “C:<em>[Username]\Optuma\Local\Layers” folder - make sure you give the Layer a recognisable name.

To Import the Layer, right click on “View” of the chart in the Structure Panel to the right of the Chart that you wish to add your Trend Lines to, select “Import Layer” then select Layer you just exported.

Now you will have separate Layers for each set of Trend Lines on the one chart which you can display/hide by click the “eyeball” icon on each Layer in the Structure Panel.

If you want to add more tools and be able to turn them on/off, just add additional Layers to your chart and insert the tools in the new Layers.