modify HLDA to reflect the angles

1. Currently Optuma has a ZDAL tool that 'reflects' angles from zero, and shoots them back up & forward at the appropriate angle, along with the vertical line starting at the intersection of the angle, and zero price.

2. Currently Optuma has a HLDA tool that shoots angles forward within a selected price range (as opposed to zero price with the ZDAL tool). However, unlike the ZDAL tool, the HLDA angles don't reflect back up (or down if it's oriented that way when the tool is applied).

My suggestion is that the HLDA angles be improved to include angles reflecting back up (or down) from within the selected price range similar to how ZDAL angles reflect back up and forward from zero price. Really, it seems like this tool should have always worked as I suggest because the HLDA tool is specifically designed to work within a selected price range (Like a Gann box) and project those cycles forward in time. However, as currently constructed, the tool doesn't allow the user to continue the angles, they just shoot off into infinity at the end of the selected range. The reflection of these angles are very important in markets, and currently I hand draw them all the time. Please modify the HLDA tool allow for reflected angles.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for passing this through. We’ll have to review this one but it has missed the cut-off for next January’s update. We do not have the next update on the schedule at this time.

All the best


Hi again Mathew,

Just an FYI- I learned that I can apply a ZDAL tool on a new layer, then unlock it and move the ZDAL tool over my Gann boxes which are on the base layer. It's not the best solution, but it works for now. I just wanted to pass that along to better explain what I was suggesting.