Money Flow Script


I am trying to script an indicator that does the following:

  • When the security price closes higher, calculate price * volume and add that to the previous value.
  • When the security price closes lower, calculate price * volume and subtract that from the previous value.
Not sure what to do to make this work. Here is my attempt:
//Define the variables 
V1 == 0 ; 
V2 = VOLUME() ; 
V3 = CLOSE() ; 
//Calculate Money Flow 
V4 = IF(CLOSE() IsUp, V1 + (V2 * V3)) ; 
V5 = IF(CLOSE() IsDown, V1 - (V2 * V3)) ; 
ACC(V4 and V5, RANGE=All Time)
Thank you for helping.

Hi Louis,

We have a tool called Turnover with a function TO() which is basically the daily value of trading (close x volume). We can take the TO() value and multiply it by -1 when the IF() condition is false. This will calculate the all-time money flow:

//Get Turnover value based on the close position;
V1 = IF(CLOSE() IsUp, TO(),TO()*-1);
//Sum the values;
ACC(V1, RANGE=All Time)


Thanks Darren. Appreciate your help.