More precision in Tetrad tool

I have another request regarding the Tetrad tool. I use this tool all the time to square the range. What I find is that if I try to align the initial vertical part of the tetrad it has a tendency to flip over and project into the past instead of into the future. Presumably some people use the tool in this way, although I can’t personally see a use for a backward projection. What it means in practice is that to ensure that the tool projects forward in time it is necessary to put a slight forward lead on it to ensure it doesn’t flip backwards. It means a loss of precision - not by a great deal admittedly but it can make me a couple of bars out on the time projection that I am attempting to anticipate. And it just looks a little scruffy also.

Would it be possible to modify the tool so that I can always ensure a straight up and down angle on the initial side without the danger of it flipping to the reverse side? Maybe in the Properties panel there might be a tick box where each user could log their preferences for how the tool performs? Forwards or backwards… I am asking for more precision on the vertical alignment basically. Thanks.