Moving to 64bit Optuma

I see there is now a 64bit version of Optuma. Can I install over my current 32bit version? Would you please point me to the installation instructions for migrating from 32 to 64bit?

Thanks. Andy

Hi Andy

You can read all about the 64bit version on link below. Darren has also created a video detailing how to install the 64bit version.

Thanks Mark.

My computer died a couple days ago so I am starting from scratch and my last backup.


Hi Andy,

As your last backup was probably in 32bit you would need to install that first on the new computer and restore your work from backup, and then install the 64bit version for it to transfer the files to 64bit Optuma format dueing installation. Once that has been done and everything has been converted you can uninstall the 32bit version.

Yes, thanks Darren. Since I now have a laptop with 8GB ram I am only using the 32bit version. I should get a new super computer in a few weeks.

No worries - our minimum requirement is 4GB of RAM so you should be able to install it (I presume you have 64bit Windows?).