Multiple Charts Query

Hi guys,

I'm looking to use the intermarket relationships to forecast e.g. John Muphy's bonds and S&P500 relationship. Is there a way to overlay a chart on top of another one and then invert only this new overlay. I have been able to offset this new chart but unable to invert just this new overlay.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




You can invert an individual layer via the Structures panel on the right hand side of the chart.

Right click on the layer you wish to invert:


In the window that opens, tick the checkbox called Invert Layer.


The overlay will invert, while the original chart will remain in place.


Also would you know how I can overlay an indicator like the OBV on the actual chart




Hi Mandeep,

Apply the OBV to the chart and then click on the OBV line and drag the indicator over the price chart: