Multiple Workbooks Open

Hi Guys,

I use multiple monitors all the time and would really like to be able to either open multiple works books simultaneously, or run multiple instances of Optuma each displaying a different workbook, in a similar way that we can with Microsoft Excel.

Is there a way of doing this already?

Or is it going to have to be a significant new feature in a future major Optuma upgrade. New features are hard to do with such a great application, but this could be one☺



I can see that this would be useful too and would support its development.

Hi Trevor,

If using multiple monitors then you can click and drag the page tab to the other screens, thereby having multiple charts open at once from the same workbook:

Would that work?

Hi Darren,

I’m aware I can move tabbed pages to another monitor, but because of the way I structure my workbook contents that does not suit the way I like to arrange to do things.

I like to keep my workbooks generally restricted to one code (there are exceptions of course) with multiple tabbed pages for different scenarios, of which there can be 10 or more, each with numerous layers. When I want to compare one market with another I want to be able to compare the similarly setup charts that are in another “code’s” workbook.



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That’s useful to know as I did not realise that was possible. Thanks Darren.

Hi, further to Trevors request (#57043) this would be very useful.

That is, a seperate workbook can be housed on its own, and open/closed/saved independently, thereby permitting 2 or more workbooks open at one time. I too find it limiting to close a workbook, in order to open another workbook.

Regards, Simon

I would also support the development of this idea. However, another possibility would be to make it possible to ‘Group Tabs’ like you can in MS Edge. It would be another level of possible organisation. I have put this in as a feature request. If you get a chance, please take a look at it. It would achieve something similar to being able to open multiple workbooks at once, without having to.

100% in favour of this also.