Negative to Positive

Hi, I would like all negative values to be converted to positive (positive values to to remain positive) for my combined D1 result below. Can someone please assist so all values are above the zero line?
eg: if D1 is positive leave as is. If D1 is negative simply remove negative symbol or maybe multiple by -1 etc.

D1 = R2 + Y2 + O2;
Plot8 = D1;
Plot8.Plotstyle = Histogram;
Plot8.linewidth = 2;
Plot8.Colour = Black;

Hi Simon,

You can use the ABS() function to wrap around the D1 variable, this will make sure all numbers returned are positives.

Thank you, that did the trick. Is there any way to remove the empty negative area. (losing some valuable screen real estate)?

please disregard last request. Thank you

If the autoscale is enabled on the scale properties it should auto set the zone to the min / max values in view. If autoscale is off you will see a padlock icon at the top of the tools scale, clicking it will re-enable autoscale.


If autoscale is on and there’s empty space, it means there is a tool or value somewhere that is causing the scale to adjust, so it fits into view. (Sometimes this can be an overlaid tool in the same view, even if it is hidden).

yes it was a hidden tool. Thanks again