New Fundamental Data Ratios

Hi team

Please consider adding the following (they are standard ratios which all basic industry standard screeners / backtesters have):

I am also happy to pay for data if you can provide me an option. Please note currently I am a mere mortal and cannot afford a Bloomberg $30,000 p.a. terminal. A number of my hedge fund friends are also using other data providers such as Thomson Reuters, Capital IQ, Morningstar Inc, Y Charts, Factset etc. What are the options here for a wider data set with other providers. Do you have any plans to expand here ?

Here are the key ratios missing

  1. Short interest - ratio and days to cover
  2. Piotroski F Score
  3. Beneish M Score
  4. Altman Z Scores
  5. Accrual Ratio
  6. Quarter on Quarter / YoY changes in key financial ratios
  7. Sloan's Accrual Ratio
  8. Schiller Price to Earnings ratio
  9. Cashflow statement ratios
  10. Inventory Management Ratios - days outstanding etc
  11. Have a ratio which nominates the risk free rate of return on a 1 year T Bill