New Indicator Request

Hey guys,

Great tool I have to say !

a couple of simple indicators which would be great if offered or plz put in touch with the right scripting pages so I can create:

  • Bill Williams Fractals
  • Square root channel - have an upper and lower band which square roots the price or sqaure roots the square root of price. Bonus if you can turn the upper or bottom channel off. Good tool to use as a volatility stop.
  • Look at Mr Andrews pitchforks. Another one of his great ones is a Horn of Plenty - essentially a fan off a pivot point with 10degree seperations as opposed to standard gann angles.



Thanks Mandeep. See below.

Bill Williams Fractals:

Square Root Channel: Use a Show Plot tool with this formula for the Close +/- the square root:

U1 = CLOSE() + SQRT();
L1 = CLOSE() - SQRT();

Plot1.Color = Green;

Plot2.Color = Red;

Andrews Pitchfork: (includes 3 blog posts)

Horn of Plenty: You can use the Pivot Labels tool with the Geometric Fan tool set to 10 degrees apart.