New Indicator Requests


Could you please include some of Larry William's indicators - hes a world class trader and the indicators are standard on most platforms. You have the basic %r, UO but others which are publicly available in the domain - the formulas have been published in futures magazine etc.

  • Will's VIX Fix,
  • Williams Accumulation Distribution,
  • Price, volume and open interest (POIV)
  • His Swing Index.

Happy to provide the formula's if required.



Hi Mandeep,

Thanks for your post. As I’m sure you are aware, there are hundreds of possible combinations and variations of indicators that we could add. Each time we add one, it takes several weeks to build it into a release, test it, and then document it. Because of that - and because the scripting language is so powerful and able to give immediate results - we no longer add in all indicators that are requested. The only exception is when an indicator can not be done in scripting.

If you use the scripting, you can get these right now. If you need us to write the scripts for you, you can book a consultation with one of the guys at

As an example, the Williams Accumulation / Distribution formula is:


As a script, we have this.

bp1 = HIGH() - OPEN();
sp1 = CLOSE() - LOW();
hl1 = HIGH() - LOW();
(bp1 + sp1) / (2 * hl1)

We have free courses on scripting at Taking the time to go through them will be the fastest way to get these indicators. You can ask any questions in this forum if you are having trouble.

All the best


Hi Mandeep,

Here’s a thread in the scripting forum that includes the VIXFix: