Not enough Memory

I have created a technical score indicator that has 5 components, say MACD, RSI, Optex Band, Stochastic and Bollinger Band. The technical score is a sum of each component’s sub-score.

As it is too crowded to have 12 show views in a chart (each component has 2 show views: one on MACD and another one on MACD sub-score, so on so forth for each component, then the total), I clone the chart into 5 pages, each page shows only one component and its sub-score. Hide away the irrelevant show views.

As the chart grouping only applies to the same page, I need to put the same S&P 500 watchlist in each page.

Unfortunately, this causes Optuma to prompt out a message saying “not enough memory” and needs to be shut down. Afterwards, my laptop’s brightness button loses its function…

My questions:

  1. Ideally I only need one S&P 500 watchlist in the first page. When I click a constituent, say AAPL US once, all the charts in different pages in this workbook will switch accordingly. Is this "chart grouping among pages" function available? If not, what will be a better solution to this?
  2. What should I do to avoid "not enough memory" problem? My laptop has 8GB memory that matches Optuma system requirement.
  3. Would you please update the different computer options in Microsoft Surface Pro not on the list?


Chart group linking via the colour diamonds doesn’t work across different page tabs, it does work on undocked pages however. You can have 2 or more pages undocked from the main view but still linked to a singular Watchlist.

For more information on chart undocking please refer to the following article:

I’d also recommend checking out the Analysis Cluster tool, you may find this is a better way of displaying your technical score scripts as it uses less chart real-estate than a show view.

The system requirements we list are for general usage, the more charts you open, with analysis, etc the more you will use your systems resources, every system will have it’s limits, where that limit is will depend on many things, such as how many other programs you have open at the same time, items in your system tray like Antivirus, and the version of Windows you’re running.

With Optuma the program is a 64bit application, so hitting your physical memory limit won’t cause the program to crash, but it will begin using your systems page file for memory over flow, it’s slower but it will keep working. If you’re using a Desktop system it is usually quite easy to expand the amount of RAM the system has by adding additional memory DIMMS.

The systems we have on our site are not meant to be an exhaustive list of every option, merely a small group of examples you can refer to when looking for PC / Laptops available locally.

My laptop is an Acer Swift 3 SF314-52-52V8 and so cannot have multiple monitors.

I tried Analysis Cluster which is good for showing binary indicator (value either 0 or 1) but not quite clear when it is of value say 0 to 100 like RSI. So I have to keep using Show Views and separate them into 3 charts. Group them on the same page with the watch list. Will the feature of “chart grouping among pages” available in the future Optuma version?

Yesterday, when I create the watch list on S&P 500 with my technical score in one column, the score 5 days ago in the other column, their difference in another column, with these charts on the same page. The laptop hangs again…I only have Optuma but no other applications or antivirus running at the same time. I really want to know the reason for the issue in order to resolve it.

It’s not easy to expand RAM for laptop. If the solution is to expand the RAM, how much should I add? Should I simply buy the top laptop model Dell XPS 13 (9380)? But it is of the same memory 8GB that I have now.

Kindly advise.

Hi May,

I’m a believer in having the maximum amount of RAM you can in you computer running any complex software, such as Optuma. My Lenovo Laptop has 32GB of RAM, and when I’m running complex Optuma scripts I frequently see my RAM usage head upwards from 20% to 75%, along with all the other applications I normally have running. Relying on the Windows Paging File to meet memory requirements will slow operations down considerably, especially if you are using a mechanical HDD. An SSD will speed things up a bit.

My suggestion is to go for a laptop that provides 16GB RAM for a start, but has the ability to be upgraded to 32GB if you find you are running into memory issues.



Thanks Trevor. I will then go for a Lenovo ThinkPad P53 and add an Intel Optane Memory 32GB.

As to my 3 charts on one page, I currently have to enlarge each of them for better view. If you have a smarter way to organize the chart views, please let me know.

Hi May,

The Lenovo P53 looks like an interesting machine. The specs show many options, now you’ll have to start choosing which ones you want.

My Lenovo Thinkpad W541, although long superseded, is still going strong and is similar in many respects to the P53. I work with a 24" external monitor as well as using the laptop screen most of the time I’m at my desk. Makes life much easier when doing multiple things at the same time, like running analysis on Optuma and checking the markets live on my brokers site. It also has the benefit of making the charts much bigger, so 3 on 1 page is workable. Not having the 2nd monitor when on the road is a real squeeze on my modus operandi. At times I even press my aging Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet into service as a 2nd or 3rd screen when wanting that extra display real estate.