Number searcher tool

Hi guys

I've been researching with the number searcher tool and wondered if it would be possible to add a filter that only labelled the chart with the search number when either :

  1. the day count and the price count ; or
  2. the bar count and the price count ; or
  3. both 1. & 2.

were within the price and time tolerances set within the tool by the user.

Would be interested in your thoughts.




Hi Andrew these options are already available under the Show Labels property of the tool:



Hi Darren - apologies, my question has been misunderstood.

I wondered if some additional show labels options could be incorporated in the tool, namely

  1. Price units = Time units
  2. Price units = Bar units

ie. [time = price] being the only numbers shown on a chart, de-cluttering and identifying repeating numbers in an instrument more clearly ? Essentially it is the squaring of time and price eg. 100 points over 100 time periods.

OK thanks Andrew. I’ll log it with the developers for review. If the work/testing required to make the change is reasonable and doesn’t impact ongoing development work it will be in the next update due at the end of the year / early 2019.

Sorry for delayed acknowledgement on this, I have been offline hiking in the great Aussie outdoors with my son for 3days /ngts.

Thank you, I will keep a look out for any change in the next update.

Best wishes


Hi Darren,

I believe my question maybe related to the number searcher tool so I'm tapping onto this thread.

I'm trying to work out the average cycle time of commodities. Currently I use the cycle tool and number searcher. The best results I found is when I use the pivot tool and define a pivot of 10 (or x) periods. Then I count the days (low to low) or (high to high). Then I simply take the average of these cycles (e.g. 42d, 43d, 50d; avg = 45d) and document this with the cycle tool.

Is it possible to automate this type of analysis using the number searcher.

Thanks in advance :)