Opening range break out

Hi I am trying to write script to find opening rang break out.

if price trading above or below first 15 min candle high then it show True so that I can add as column in my watch list. so I can choose my intraday trading stocks from from this list .
can any one help me on this script


I have a few different scripts that may achieve the result you are after, however most of them require v1.3 (which is being Alpha tested at the moment. I’m also checking with our development team which one is the most efficient, so it will scale across a large number of codes in a Watchlist.

Once i have the best script i’ll post it here for you and let you know if it will be compatible with v1.2 or will require v1.3.

I was searching the forum for something very similar; this looks interesting. Is there any chance of posting those scripts?


This is an example i setup with the SFE SPI 200 chart:

//Specify Open Bar for each day
V2 = V1 - V1[1];
V3 = V2 > 0.1;
//Find High Value of Open Bar
V4 = VALUEWHEN(High(),V3);
//Close of Bar is higher than 15min Open Bars High
CLOSE() > V4

On the following example, on a chart of the SPI200 the green shaded zones show bars that would return a True result…


Red Arrow = First bar of the day. Black Line = High of the First 15min Bar of the Day, Green Shaded Zone = True result

Note: The first section of the script which is used to identify the Open bar for each day may need tweaking depending on the Time Frame and Exchange it is used on.

Applying just that section as a Show View to the chart you are interested in should help you figure out which value to set for the V3 variable.

You can apply the same steps to identify the Low of the same bar and setup a second script to find bars with values below that.