Optex Bands Plot Style


I have a display style recommendation for the “Ratio Line” of the Optex Bands indicator.

In the properties settings of the Optex Bands indicator it is possible to change the display style of the “Ratio Line” under “Ratio Line Style”.

Unfortunately there is no “Plot Style” properties available under the “Ratio Line Style” properties. The only settings that are available are: “Line Style”, “Line With”, “Colour Scheme”, “Line Colour”, and “Transparency”.

In most indicators of Optuma there is also a properties settings called “Plot Style” available. The settings for “Plot Style” are usually: “Line”, “Dot”, “Histogram”, “Step”, “Shaded”, and “Shaded Step”.

My recommendation is therefore to implement in the properties settings of the “Ratio Line Style” of the Optex Bands indicator also the “Plot Style” properties.

The programming effort should be quite small, since in my opinion it is only necessary to take the programming code from other indicators and copy it into the Optex Bands indicator.

Thanks again for your support and great program.

Best Regards,