Option to modify custom data folder names and properties

Hello everybody,

I want to bring this thing up since i don’t find any similar topic here.

About 5 years ago, i got to know this software and it helped me to navigate myself in the trading world a lot since then. Unlike most of the users of this program, i use it more to study foreign exchange securities outside the U.S.

I input a lot of extra data folders during the past 5 years. And little by little, i learned how to use them, how to build my own trading system. However, if you look at these database folders, you can find that i didn’t name them orderly at the beginning, and some “short names” were given ramdomly.


Today, i just realized, if i want to put everything in order, it would be extreamly troublesome for me to check every custom codes, breath modules, etc…

So can we add a feature in the right click menu, like the windows right click menu, which allow us to change ‘folder name’ or ‘short names’. And by this way, we can adjust thing no matter when we want to.

Thanks for your time ~~ best wishes

Hi Yan,

We already have “Folder Properties” so it should be easy to add in the name there and allow it to be edited. We’ll see if we can get this into Optuma 1.7

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Thanks Mathew, that would be awesome.

Have a wonderful day

Hi Yan

Sorry for this late reply. I think you should be able to edit the exchange name in the current version. (See image below)

Please let me know if you still have any issue.



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Hi Henry, which version of Optuma are you using ? Is it on 1.7 version ? thanks.

I just double checked on my 1.6 build 110.
You can also change exchange’s sub folder name by using the “Edit Folder” option, but currently in 1.6 the new name does not appear immediately. You will need to do Re-scan Custom Exchange on one of the exchange. For example “Market Breadth”. This has been fixed in 1.7

Change Exchange Name

Hi Henry,

Thanks for your help.

Problem solved and i hope we can regroup the custom exchange by names and have the access to modify short names in the later version. That’s not a big problem for now.

So thank you and have a good day ~