Options Trading Module

Whilst Optuma has great variety of rich features and is a great platform for those trading stocks, there are many like myself who move in the world of options, futures etc, that have until now needed to go to the expense of specialized software to trade these derivatives. The problem lies in the need to use 2 platforms ie Optuma for charting, direction analysis etc and then having to put the data into the options products to due the Profit/Risk analysis and the many other things one does before buying options contracts. I am not suggesting that Optuma reinvent the wheel for derivatives trading, what I am suggesting is the proposition to partner with product that is already establish and see if it can integrated into Optuma. I would suggest Optionvue, Chaiken Analytics, or Options Play as good start points for an research and investigation process. Adding such a facility would or could make optuma a stronger market proposition for companies and traders who operate more than one trading facility. Hope u can do something about it.

Bob Jayco