Optuma Custom Programming Module


I am currently considering using the Optuma Custom Programming Module or the build in script tool.

Both programming types are time consuming to learn it and currently the script tool can unfortunately not handle “recursives”.

My question therefore is: “Can I create with the Custom Programming Module everything I can do with the script tool and more ore have I use/learn both programming options the get “everything” well done?”

Another question: “Are there plans that the script tool can handle “recursives” in the near future?”



Hi Thomas,

As a USER of the Optuma Custom Programming Module, from my experience, you will need to learn the Pascal programming language, which is not too difficult if you have a familiarity with other programming languages - there are many tutorials available to assist in this endeavour. Look for Free Pascal and Delphi Pascal.

Then you will need to learn the ins and outs of the Optuma Pascal customisations that have been made so that the Custom Tools can interact properly with the underlying Optuma data-sets and functionality. Some of these customisations take a bit of searching to find clear examples and to understand the process, but assistance is available on the Optuma Developers Forum, this is a private Optuma Forum only for those with the Programming Module.

The Programming Module is much more flexible in what you can do and the customisations you can make than the Scripting Module, but the learning process is longer. That said, it does allow you to do exactly what you want, including recursive functions, and to output the results the way you want with greater flexibility than that provided by the Scripting Language. You can find some of the simple Custom Tools I have created on my Auld Tyma Data web site.

It is also worthwhile having a thorough understanding of the Scripting functionality, as Scripts can be called from the Pascal Custom Tools, using the most appropriate functionality gives you the best of both worlds.



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Hi Trevor - do you have any suggestions for a Pascal IDE that works well with the Optuma Programming Module? I downloaded a free one a few years ago and it was relatively “easy” to write a simple module from the examples. (Easy meaning I cut/pasted the code into a Pascal file and compiled it. Then I needed to move the executable somewhere so Optuma could find it. I say easy because it only took about a day to do this.)

I’m just looking for an IDE that integrates easily with Optuma.

Thanks. Andy

Hi Andy,

I use the IDE that is in the Optuma Programming Module. It is ,unfortunately, rather limited in its functionality but at least is already integrated into Optuma so that its debugger works with the Optuma specific Pascal code functionality that integrates it with the Optuma data sets.

I tried using the Lazarus IDE and importing the code into the Optuma IDE, but that became too cumbersome and didn’t allow for easy code testing as code was being developed.



Thanks Trevor - I didn’t even know there was an IDE with Optuma. Can you tell me how to access it?


Hi Andy,

You need to have the Optuma Programming Module installed and you then access it via “New > Custom Tool” or “Settings > Custom Tool Manager” on the toolbar.






Thanks Trevor - Got it.