Optuma with Parallels on a MAC

Hi Guys,

I was hoping someone may be able to point me in the right direction. I am using Optuma on a MAC by using Parallels as a VM running windows.

So far everything is working well, however, I am running into problems when I need to right click to get a menu open. Does anyone have a list of keyboard short cuts that I can use for MAC to overcome the issue of not having a right click button that you have on a PC?



I’m not too familiar with Macs or Parallels, but i was able to find the following article on Parallels website which covers how to setup right click functions:


Hope this helps.

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the link, I have followed some of their ideas and have been able to set up my own keyboard short cuts as a work around.


Hi Raeburne, I run Optuma under a Windows VM using Parallels on a Mac. Have been doing so for a couple of years now.

Yes, it is worthwhile to get familiar with keyboard shortcuts. There's quite a few keystrokes in the Mac world that we are used to that don't translate well into the Windows world.

However, I have never had an issue with right mouse click. Using either a trackpad or a magic mouse, one can click or tap with two fingers simultaneously to get a right-click or contextual menu, both on the Mac and on the Windows VM.

But you may have to configure your system to do this.

Under the Mouse or Trackpad tab of System Preferences on your Mac, locate and enable Secondary Click on the Point & Click tab. There you can specify, from a range of options ,Click or tap with two fingers. There is also a moving image in an adjacent window showing you exactly what happens when you click or tap with two fingers.

I've used two-finger tap for contextual menus with Optuma for ages. It works really well. Hope it works for you too.

I fought with this for a while and ended up buying a cheaper small windows based laptop (Microsoft Surface Laptop) to dedicate to running Optuma.

While it seemed excessive at the time, it has been a huge benefit as I can run it via screen share to my large screen Mac or take it and sit elsewhere and work.


Hope this helps

Dean, thanks for your input.

That’s exactly what I was looking for.

Got it all solved now.



I then realized that the problem was from an over-sensitive Magic Mouse. Many users seem to complain about this over-sensitivity, especially for newer computers.

So, a while ago, I took the following advice the website at the end of this post.

Control the touch-sensitive area of this mouse with the free app MagicPrefs (not clear why Apple does not provide something this useful):

download it from http://magicprefs.com/and install

Hi Terry

I see that MagicPrefs has been deprecated with a warning about use at your own risk, do you know if this still works with Mojave/Parallels/Windows 10


Hi Raeburn

Using Mojave/Parallels 14/Windows 10, are you getting the jagged lines I posted a few posts ago on the Optuma update from Market Analyst 8?

Hi Peter,

Funny enough I was just reading your post and viewed the images you put up. I have the same issues your experiencing, but as you mentioned its not a huge problem as the software works as intended but more of a visual inconvenience.

I am using Mojave, 10.14.6, Parallels 14 and windows 10.

I did see that Parallels is or has released version 15 so I wonder if that may help solve the issue.


Hi Guys,

I have a question for those running Optuma on a Mac/Parallels or Fusion combo.

I have a new 16" MacBook Pro, 64GB RAM, 2TB SSD, upgraded video card, all the works, screaming fast. When I launch Fusion the fans turn on immediately making the whole environment extremely noisy. There is no way to record videos for my students. Do you experience the same, have you found a solution in your settings?

Thank you.