outside bar in candlestick pattern tool

The candlestick pattern tool has bullish engulfing and bearish engulfing pattern but I am interested in another type of engulfing where the low and the high of the previous candle is taken out. Could you pls add this to the candlestick pattern tool?

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Hi Marc,

We have a BARTYPES function that you can use for outside bars. You can combine it with other logic if required eg close must be above the open, or above the midpoint:

BARTYPES().Outside and BARTYPES().CloseAboveMid


Hi Darren,

What I am after is the coloured background on the chart to identify where the outside bar occur. I use a script for that but I prefer the background colour if possible


Hi Darren, I am trying to scan for an outside bar (as per described in the above attachment) in Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly time frames.

I use the formula below:

and low(month(PERIODAMOUNT=1)) < low(month(PERIODAMOUNT=1), OFFSET=1)

It does not work. It only works in Day and Week.

Is there anyway to get it to work on higher timeframes?

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I found how to do it with the security selection menu.