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I would like to be able to set parameters for the overlay tool ‘between two dates’ rather than just ‘from a certain date’? I want to be able to truncate a portion of the market movement and just overlay it, rather than the entire market line. I find that if I have a few overlays on one chart it quickly gets very crowded and hard to manage.

Hope that makes sense.



Hi Chris,

Can you give us an example of what you mean. I’m having a bit of trouble visualising what you are looking for.

All the best


Hi Mathew,


No problems. I have taken a couple of screenshots with one of the images manipulated so you can see.

The first photo shows the overlay line AB which starts from the major low 1932-2020 in the DJI and has been overlayed 30 years in future (from 1970 low). You can see that I have ALL of the market action 1932-2020 overlayed beginning 1970 as have no choice but to do that because I can’t truncate it. What do I do if I only want to overlay a portion of the market overlay not all of it?

In the second pic you can see what I am trying to achieve. I have truncated the overlay line Ab, so that I am only overlaying a portion of it 1932-1958 from the 1970 Low.

So, I would like the ability to shorten the overlay line based on a choice of two dates e.g. 1932-1958, instead of the default which does not currently allow that. You can also see that if I have several overlays from previous dates that it gets very crowded on the chart (pic 3). Truncating the overlays to a portion helps alleviate that and reflects the fact that I might only be interested in overlaying a portion of the market line not all of it.


Hi Chris,

This seems to be very similar to what the Historical Comparison chart does. Can you please have a look at this page and see if it will do what you need.


also this post


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Thankyou Mathew. I had a look at the historical comparison chart. I can see what you mean, it does provide that functionality.

I guess the limitation (for me at least) is that I can’t use that functionality as a tool on the main workspace - I have to use it in a separate chart space, which isn’t as intuitive and doesn’t have some of the other features of a normal workspace and the broader context that provides.

The overlay tool is perfect for the job, but just lacks the ability to truncate it as I outlined. I appreciate that this is my idiosyncratic approach to the analysis and may not be a concern for others. I appreciate your consideration.

Cheers Chris