P&F charting problem

From time to time my P&F chart overlying the daily/weekly price chart seems to stop in the past at verying time gaps.
For instance, a perfectly formed daily price chart up until today will have a P&F chart that seems to stop years ago (I am looking at one for EL8 that stopped in 2010).

I would like to understand the reason for this and to correct it if possible. A P&F chart is central to my trading method.

Hi Bill,

I’m not sure how the P&F chart is being overlaid on a price chart as they are calculated very differently.

If you can send a copy of your workbook to [email protected] we’ll take a look. Your workbooks are saved here:


Hi Darren,

It is a while since my last post because I was working to solve that problem. It was due to a problem with box size, which corrects when box size is altered appropriately. The P&F chart was never an overlay. It was a separate chart on a page layout.

I have been trying to use PFSCAN to filter instruments based on my assumption that a good time to start looking for trades is when the P&F chart changes direction on a vertical count (it is a filter not an indicator for entry or exit). In reality I have found this to be a very powerful start, which is why I am persisting with the difficulties.

However, I have a range of problems and I think most of them are all about the settings.

  1. I solved the problem of P&F data disappearing years ago (as above).
  2. It seems that the best configuration for me is the “Modern” or maybe the “Classic” configuration.
  3. Box size is a real pain because it really needs to be specific for each instrument over a varying range of asset prices in a watchlist, difficult I think.
  4. Despite utilising the “Save settings as default” my P&F settings do not seem to be saved for the next P&F chart in the workbook, even after I have saved the Page layout setup. Frustrating. Optuma keeps reverting to the “Custom” setting.


  1. I would like to reset the default settings I apply for a P&F chart. I don’t seem to be able to do this even when I follow what seems to be a logical sequence.
  2. I would like to do this for the P&F setup being used for the scan (PFSCAN).
  3. I would like to be able to save these settings to my page layout, which has 3 charts (candlestick, GMMAs, P&F)
  4. I would like to know the reversal criteria being used for PFSCAN (which I believe scans for a reversal of red/green on the chart)
  5. Is it possible to insert more flexibility into an automatically adjusted box size based on price?
    I know that’s all a fair bit to deal with. Sorry about that. I am so close to having the system I desire and this is all that is standing in the way.



Hi Bill,

If you click on the P&F chart you can then select Restore Default Settings under Actions:


The PFSCAN() uses the default setting automatically, so you can use PFSCAN(PFSTYLE=Classic) instead. The Reverse Count in the PFSCAN() function is 3:


With the exception of the box size (which is different for each chart and determined by the price scale) you can save the P&F defaults as a Page Layout and apply to any symbol, and then change the required box size manually for each one. Because of this the P&Fs won’t work with watchlists because as you scroll done the box size will change, so yuo will need a separate tab for each chart. Hope that helps.