Pascal Script Editor

I recently purchased the Pascal Programming Module and I’ve searched the the KB for how to get to the Pascal editor to create some tools. I may have missed where it is, but maybe if there was a video for using Pascal’s editor then I could learn from it. I tried to enter the sample Pascal code from the KB into Optuma’s script editor, but it gives me errors. So it appears that there must be two different script editors.

Hi David,

The PASCAL editor is different to the scripting editor.

To access the PASCAL editor, open a chart, go to the New menu and select Custom Tool (at the very bottom):


You’ll need to enter in a name and type for the tool, once this is done the editor will appear:


More Information:

Can a tool be made for intraday time frames? Some of the procedures that I will be making will change for each time frame, so it seems that I may have to make a different tool for each time frame. Is there any way to switch time frame in the code?

Hi David,

Questions regarding the Pascal programming should be listed in the Developers only forum.