Percentage of Price Tool

Could you please add a tool that calculates percentage of either a low or a high? It is currently possible to do it with the Price Extension (PE) tool, but it is very clumsy.

It is a valuable tool to have. Proof of its value can be seen in Chapter IV of Gann’s book 45 Years in Wall Street.

Page 33 and onward is well worth reading.

Cheers, Lester

ps If you do, I would suggest default increments of multiple hundreds of percent. IE 100% 200%… etc.

Hi Lester,

I think you’ll find the “Price Division” Tool does exactly what you are seeking. That Tool’s help refer even refers to “45 Years in Wall Street”.



Hi Lester,

You can also create a custom tool to automatically draw at X% from an all-time high or low, such as Fib levels:

Hi Darren & Trevor,

Thank you for the script Darren.

Thank you for your help Trevor, however the “Price Division” tool is with the Gann Tools Module, which I do not have.

Cheers, Lester