Hi Everyone,

Just want to explain what we as Optuma will answer in here.

If you are working on a script and something just does not seem right, we’ll help you with some suggestions on what you can try. Or if you are stuck finding a script function to do something, we are happy to help with that too.

What we will not respond to is a post saying “I want a script that …” or “Here is some code from XYZ can you convert it for me?” Of course if another Optuma user wants to reply, that’s up to them.

Click the magnifying glass in the top-right of the page to search for a topic or function, and remember the free resources that we have for you at The three part scripting course is crucial if you want to extract all the power that Optuma Scripting has to offer.

If you really are stuck and have no idea how to build a script, we do have consults available. Normally we can build scripts in a fraction of the time, so contracting us may make sense for your situation. You can find out more at