Poly Line Labels


here again with some new feature recommendations and feature improvements. This time my recommendations are about the tools "Percent Swing Chart Overlay" and "Poly Line".


The tool "Percent Swing Chart Overlay" is nearly perfect. Notwithstanding I have three improvement recommendations:

1. - The "Range" value is placed in the middle of the swing line with a 90° text angle. That makes in my opinion no sense. Placing the "Range" value in such a way makes it really really very hard to read it if it could be read at all!!! I don't understand how the "Range" value could be placed in such a way.

I recommend therefore placing the "Range" value with the other label items such as price, date, etc together.

2. - Concerning the order of the label items I recommend the following order:

a. - High or Low Date

b. - Bar Date (if selected)

c. - Bars / Calendar Days

d. - Time Retracement (if selected)

e. - Price f. - Range (at this placement the "Range" value makes really sense!)

g. - Price Retracement (if selected)

This order placement makes in my opinion more sense since time is more important than price. Therefore the time information should be placed first and than comes the price information.

3. - My last feature improvement concerns the function "Copy All Data Lists to Clipboard" in the workbook "Action" menu. This is a fine feature but unfortunately the swing data is somewhat hard to "detect". In Excel it is necessary to use a macro to sort/select the data that are of relevance.

The swing data INCLUDING the selected label values should be arranged in hierarchical order.

With that I mean e.g. in the first cell of the first row (A1) is the date entered, in the second cell of the first row (B1) "High", in cell C1 "Bars", in cell D1 "Calendar Days" and so on. In the second row the swing "Low" data are listed. Than in the third row again the the swing "High" data are listed and so on and on.

Having the possibility to export the swing data would be really very helpful in making some further quantitative e.g. cycle analysis in Excel.


The tool "Poly Line" is a really great tool. The only thing that is missing are the label features of the tool "Percent Swing Chart Overlay".

It would be a really great features improvement if it would be possible to use with the "Poly Line" the same label functionality as it is possible with the tool "Percent Swing Chart Overlay".

This includes of course ALL the feature improvements I have recommended above for the tool "Percent Swing Chart Overlay".

Thanks again.

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for all the suggestions that you have been making. I’m sorry that we have not responded sooner. Now that I have finished teaching the CMT course at learn.optuma.com, I’ll be going through all of these.

All the best


You’ll be pleased to know that the next update already solves the range label in the middle of the swing. We’ve also already added the percentage change. This update is scheduled for Beta release in late October .


Thomas describes what I am looking for as well.

Poly Line Tool: I’d like to flag the poly line swing high and lows in the “Copy ALL Data List to Clipboard” data.

Percent Swing Chart Overlay tool: A flag for the swing high/lows in the “Copy ALL Data List to Clipboard” data.

The Percent Swing Overlay tool produces my desired swings at just over 1%, however, I’d like to constrain the number of monthly swings within a range (4-6/mo), or otherwise fine tune the swings by calendar days. Is there a way I can code this or a workaround? These tools are ~almost~ perfect!