Price and volume indicator

HI Optuma
I am ignorant of so many features of Optuma. I need advice on which indicator to use as a measure of how much money is going into a stock ie a combination of price and volume - expressed as a $ figure. if anyone can assist it would be greatly appreciated - Chris

The simplest way is probably to create a net money flow concept?

Price = ( Close + High + Low ) / 3;

Take the difference between positive and negative money flow in raw dollars.

Positive = IF(Close > Close[1], Price * Volume, 0 );
Negative = IF(Close < Close[1], Price * Volume, 0 );
Flow = Positive - Negative;

You would of course want to accumulate this over N-bars.

Hope this helps,


As well as Eric’s script we also have these money flow tools to calculate a ratio rather than a dollar figure:

Money Flow Index:

Chaikin Money Flow: