Price Range Percentage Tool

Hi guys,

Posting here in response to a help ticket I raised.

I’ve recently been using the PRP tool a bunch in my workbooks and have noticed that I’m unable to save custom horizontal line size settings for the PRP tool to the toolbar. Essentially I only want the horizontal lines to project forward. As I’m frequently using this tool, having to manually drag the lines to the left of the centerpoint to the center is quite time consuming and sometimes difficult given overlapping layers on the chart.

It would be great if this tool had additional functionality in order to allow greater control of the top and bottom horizontal lines.

Kind regards

Hi Will

It should be easy to add an “Extend Right” and “Extend Left” Check Boxes. Not sure when it will make it out as we are near the end of the Optuma 2.0 adjustments and work has started on 2.1.

All the best


That’s great news Matthew.

Much appreciated.