Price Scale in Show View

I have created a customized version of RSI (in scripts) in a Show View instead of using the RSI tool.

RSI tool has its Properties menu such that Buy Level and Sell Level can be modified. Price scale is always 0 to 100.

However, the Properties menu of Show View is different. I can draw a horizontal line in Show View to indicate the Buy and Sell Level. I can also padlock the Price scale to show as 0 to 100. But all these will be gone when I click another ticker in the watch list. Is it possible to default these in Show View like the RSI tool?


Hi May,

The Horizontal Line is a drawing tool which usually is only applicable to the chart that they are drawn on. However, in this instance it makes sense to display it in all charts as you scroll down the list. To do this, enable the Show in All Layouts property of the line tool:


Thanks Darren!

I find an alternative way that is to indicate the horizontal line level in the customized RSI script:

plot2 = 30;
plot2.Colour = White;