Problems in scripting in RRG module

Hello everyone,

I want to post this RRG and discuss how to build a script to identify those securities.

If you look at the picture, clearly those 2 securities is in the lagging zone, so both momentum and ratio is negative. And from here, how do we add another criteria ? If this is heading crossabove 45 ? or heading crossabove 60 or heading acrossabove 90 ?

Or should i use heading quadrant 0 or 3?

Best wishes ~~~3219

Hi Yan,

See these posts for examples of scripting RRGs:

Video 8 here:

So in your example use the Heading > 30 and Heading < 60 to filter for those conditions, and Quadrant==2 for Lagging


Hi Darren,

Thanks for the help. I just watched the video course and the example.

To me , there is something also important in those cases. In the chart, those stocks still posted negative ratio changes for the last dot on the chart and start to turn positive at the moment.

So how should i build the script for the last point when the stock still have negative ratio changes ?


Hi Yan,

For when the ratio is lower than the period before you can use JDKRS(INDEX=SPX:WI).Ratio IsDown (obviously replace the SPX with your benchmark) which will filter for the last period having lower ratio value than the previous period, ie will be further to the left on the RRG.