% Project of a Range

Hi Matthew or Darren:

I want to project X % of High-Low Range in either direction. So If I am Long, I want to Project 200, 300 and 400% etc of the H-L Range and vice-versa when I am short.

How can I do this?
thanks and regards,

Hi Mathew,

What is the high-low range? Is it between high and low swings or pivot points? Or each bar’s high - low value? If the former you could use the Fib Retracement tool with the levels set to 200, 300, etc and manually apply the tool. If the latter you could use something like this in a Show Plot, which adds the range and multiples to the high. For shorts you would subtract R1 from the lows.

R1 = HIGH() - LOW();
Plot1 = HIGH() + R1;
Plot2 = HIGH() + (R1*2);
Plot3 = HIGH() + (R1*3);

Do you have an example of exactly what you would like to achieve?

Hi Darren,

Thank you. I meant the latter.