Projecting calculated data into the future


I've got a dataset that I've calculated outside of Optuma that is based on Astro, volatility, volume, and price. It currently projects out 30 days beyond the market data.

Using the Import Local Data feature I've pulled it in as a line chart overlaid on a stock bar chart. The only problem is that it does not show data beyond the current date.

Is there a way that this can be shown further forward to enable forecasting and highlighting potential turns ahead of time?


Thanks Rhiannon - sound interesting! I think it’s because the stock chart is the main chart on the screen so the overlay will only display up to the last bar of the main chart.

Try doing it the other way round: open a chart of the imported data first and then overlay the stock chart (it will display as a line chart but this can be changed to bar/candle in the properties if required, by right-clicking on the line).