Property Panel Variables

Hi Guys,

In a script I can define a variable as #$Var and “Var” will appear in the ShowBar/Plot/View Properties Panel to allow setting of the “Var” value for subsequent use in function or formula as “$Var”.

However, I like to be able to give my variables meaningful names, eg “#$MaxTolerance” which will be displayed in the Properties Panel as “#$MaxTolerance” but that is shown in the Properties Panel as “MaxTolerance”, but it would be better if it could be displayed in the Properties Panel as “Max Tolerance”, ie with the space between the words just as default properties are displayed.

Is there a way to separately define the description in the Properties Panel, as distinct from the variable used within the script, say along the following lines:

#$MaxTolerance = (5, "Max Tolerance, %");




Hi Trevor,

There’s no way to add an override to the properties display text, it will always use the variables text in the panel.

We ran a few quick tests here, using a space does seem to work, but be aware we have had some issues with spaces in the past so it maybe best to avoid them, however an underscore maybe a useful alternative.

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the quick response. I figured that what I was asking was not yet available - maybe one day?

A follow on, why does the Script Manager display “Please enter a valid script…” with the following simple script:

#$MaxTol = 0.5;

Signal = Close(0) + $MaxTol;





Hi Trevor,

Bar variable notation (eg #$) can only be used for bar property values, eg the length of a moving average:


More examples here: