Property Panel Variables

Hi Guys,

I know that we can use #$FudgeFactor to have a property of a Tool/Function display in the Properties Panel, eg

#$FudgeFactor = 20;


It would be fabulous if we could also do something like:

#$FudgeFactor = 2;

Result=Close() * $FudgeFactor;


So that “FudgeFactor” appeared in the Properties Panel as a “Script Property”, as opposed to just having Tool/Function Properties.

That way we would only need one script for testing when we want to change the FudgeFactor, whereas now we have to make a new script, or modify an existing script, for each FudgeFactor value we wish to test or use.

Maybe an addition to v1.5 when it comes along.



Hi Trevor,

The issue with this is that the variable “#$FudgeFactor” is a single number where all the other data sets we work with are arrays of numbers.

Regardless we are looking at adding a function that will take a single number and create a data list from it. If it all goes smoothly we should be able to add it into Optuma 1.5 which is due in Q4.

All the best


Thanks Mathew